You May Be Ready to Return to Sports – But Are Your Feet??

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Returning to Sports after being “side-lined” during the Covid-19 Pandemic is all over the news with respect to physically social distancing – but what about with respect to physical conditioning? Whether you are a weekend warrior, seasonal athlete or year-round runner; the pandemic has had an effect on your physical ability to return to your sport.

Did You Run the Naperville Half Marathon This Weekend?

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Or the Chicago Marathon earlier this month? Congratulations on your accomplishment! Hopefully all your training and dedication paid off for a successful run. With any luck your training prevented you from foot and ankle injury; but if not, Family Podiatry Center is here to help! Despite all your preventative training – stress fractures, heel pain, tendinitis, Achilles tendon injury and plantar fasciitis are among the common problems that may result after a marathon or half marathon. It is important to understand that not only is …

I love Kitten Heels

Family Podiatry CenterDr. Marlene Reid in the Media

As a woman, a female podiatrist and the American Podiatric Medical Association’s expert on shoes, especially women’s shoes – I must say that I do NOT agree with the statements made  here in Yahoo this morning about Kitten Heels!  I think they are the perfect alternative to heels for women who want or need to feel dressed up.  The height is perfect and the usually skinny heel is not an issue with sidewalk cracks!  All women know what to avoid walking over when wearing skinny heals …

SNOW!! More Dangerous than Ice!

Family Podiatry CenterDr. Marlene Reid in the Media

Most people think of ice when they think of the dangers of winter. While our office receives emergency calls due to slips and falls from the ice all winter long, we see even more foot problems that become symptomatic from walking on snow! While walking the uneven surface of snow laden sidewalks, drives and alleys, many existing problems worsen. Many people feel that they are more protected wearing snow boots but in reality snow boots give a false sense of security because most snow boots …