Dr. Marlene Reid talks about Plantar fasciitis with Radio Health Journal

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Do you have acute heel pain in the morning or after a long period of rest? A flat foot or high arch can cause strain, pulling, or tugging in addition to friction. Dr. Marlene Reid was interviewed by Radio Health Journal to discuss foot health, in particular foot pain due to Plantar Fasciitis. Listen to the audio above for Reid’s tips on how to keep your feet healthy while avoiding chronic tendon or tissue disorders. She also discusses corrective issues to improve gate and range of motion, while avoiding bunions and stabilizing the heel.

You May Be Ready to Return to Sports – But Are Your Feet??

Family Podiatry Center Dr. Marlene Reid in the Media, Latest News

Returning to Sports after being “side-lined” during the Covid-19 Pandemic is all over the news with respect to physically social distancing – but what about with respect to physical conditioning? Whether you are a weekend warrior, seasonal athlete or year-round runner; the pandemic has had an effect on your physical ability to return to your sport.

New Year Resolutions for your feet

Family Podiatry Center Dr. Marlene Reid in the Media, Latest News

As the countdown to the New Year fades and we retire the “special event” heels for another year, it’s time to think about what resolutions you can make to start the year on the right foot! Okay, on the left foot too.  After weeks of holidays and parties, the start of the year is a perfect time to give your feet a rest.  Below are five resolutions to help give them the pampering they deserve. Give your toenails a breather. Unless you have a mid-winter …