You May Be Ready to Return to Sports – But Are Your Feet??

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Returning to Sports after being “side-lined” during the Covid-19 Pandemic is all over the news with respect to physically social distancing – but what about with respect to physical conditioning? Whether you are a weekend warrior, seasonal athlete or year-round runner; the pandemic has had an effect on your physical ability to return to your sport.

Dr Kosova’s opinion of Kobe Bryants shoe switch from Hi Tops to Low-Tops

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The Family Podiatry Center in Naperville works with high-school and college athletes around Chicago-land, so it’s not uncommon for us to get asked the question, “Are Hi-Tops better than Low-Tops?” When a star athlete begins wearing a new shoe design, it’s not uncommon for the sales of that particular brand to sky rocket, so when a basketball star goes from hi-tops to low-tops mid season, you can’t help but wonder why. Are they really putting their ankles at risk mid-season all for boosting sales while sporting their kicks …