Barbie’s brand-new bod.

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Recently, Mattel made big news: Barbie’s got a brand-new bod. As a mother (who is more curvy than many), I am excited to know that there are now Barbie doll options other than those that I grew up with – bodies that reflect body types other than those I had always dreamed of having! While my daughter is too old to benefit from Mattel’s attempt to characterize young women more accurately, I know she will share in my excitement of acceptance of multiple body types. …

Dr. Marlene Reid Visits Israel for the American Healthcare Professionals & Friends for Medicine (APF) in Israel Podiatric Scientific Seminar

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Dr. Marlene Reid of Family Podiatry Center in Naperville, IL recently traveled to Israel for the American Healthcare Professionals & Friends for Medicine (APF) in Israel Podiatric Scientific Seminar. Reid, co-chair of the scientific and academic meeting, approached the AFP late in 2013 with the idea of setting up a podiatric seminar in the country as there had not been a program for podiatric physicians and surgeons in Israel in over twenty (20) years. Together with the AFP staff and board members, Reid planned the …

ABC’s Good Morning America and Dr. Marlene Reid talk about pointy toed “flats”

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So many women think that they’re better off wearing flats than heels, but in reality flats can be worse than heels 100 times over. A common misconception a lot of women have is that wearing flats is better for your feet than heels, but that isn’t always the case.  Pointy toed flats squeeze the toes together leading to pressure which can lead to skin irritation, bones bending or worse.  Other symptoms include persistent pain, and multiple ingrown toe nails that may require surgery to fix.  ABC’s Good Morning …

Dr. Reid shares her story about foot pain with The CostCo Connection.

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Have you seen page 80 in the December issue of The Costco Connection? Dr. Marlene Reid spoke with Jane Langille of The CostCo Connection about common foot conditions seen as the result of wearing high heel shoes.  Reid also shared a story about her own experience with foot pain, and what was required to reduce ligament pain over time while preventing future tears. “The ball of the foot is actually a series of joints that correlate to each toe, and each of those joints has ligaments at the bottom… What …

Dr Kosova featured on Physicians Corner

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Dr Kosova's ongoing communication with a physical therapist about the patient can help "achieve" fast healing times, quicker recovery, and an ability to reach goals faster. Dr Kosovas recent presentation at the IADMS, (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science's) annual meeting was highlighted in Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute's November's newsletter of "Physician's Corner."   Kosova spoke about AminoFix, a new healing treatment used on those who have sustained sports and dance related injuries.  Additionally treatments for  flat feet, and general foot pain were also discussed.

Dr. Kosova presents at IADMS

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Doctor Kosova attended the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science’s (IADMS) annual meeting and presented his experience with Regenerative Amniotic Growth Factor.  The IADMS features a multitude of dancers from high school age to national level acts and performers. Grade 2 ankle sprains are a common injury dancers face. an acronym often used for treatment for these types of injuries is “RICE “(Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) I recently discussed the use of Amniotic Regenerative medicine in treating dance injuries and it’s benefits to a …

What cracked skin on feet means?

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When there’s cracking on your feet, or if moisturizer doesn’t improve dryness over a few days, should you consult a foot specialist? What about brittle toenails or ulcers that don’t seem to heal?  Readers Digest recently asked Dr Marlene Reid if the issue could be related to Thyroid problems. The thyroid, in addition to controlling mood, sleep and appetite also assists with controlling blood pressure and tissue growth.  When there’s a suspected thyroid issue, dryness of the skin around the ankles can be a common …

Dr Reid | Good Housekeeping | Your heels are too high

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Pain in the ball of the foot is a common occurrence for anyone who frequently wears high heels. Dr. Marlene Reid was asked by Good Housekeeping why high heels contribute to foot pain in the October article feature 12 Surprising Reasons Why Your Feet Hurt. Anything over 2.5 inches can cause seven times the pressure on the ball of the foot. Additional tips: Have a second pair of shoes with a lower heel. Wear stacked heels instead of thin heels. Maximum height of heel should …