Dr Reid | Good Housekeeping | Your heels are too high

Family Podiatry Center Dr. Marlene Reid in the Media

Pain in the ball of the foot is a common occurrence for anyone who frequently wears high heels. Dr. Marlene Reid was asked by Good Housekeeping why high heels contribute to foot pain in the October article feature 12 Surprising Reasons Why Your Feet Hurt.

Anything over 2.5 inches can cause seven times the pressure on the ball of the foot.

Additional tips:

  • Have a second pair of shoes with a lower heel.
  • Wear stacked heels instead of thin heels.
  • Maximum height of heel should be 3 inches or less.
  • Let your feet get used to new high heels by wearing them for short periods of time before going an entire day.
  • Placing pads into the shoe where you feel pain can reduce inflammation.