ABC’s Good Morning America and Dr. Marlene Reid talk about pointy toed “flats”

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So many women think that they’re better off wearing flats than heels, but in reality flats can be worse than heels 100 times over.

A common misconception a lot of women have is that wearing flats is better for your feet than heels, but that isn’t always the case.  Pointy toed flats squeeze the toes together leading to pressure which can lead to skin irritation, bones bending or worse.  Other symptoms include persistent pain, and multiple ingrown toe nails that may require surgery to fix.  ABC’s Good Morning America highlighted foot infections that occur as the result of wearing these pointy toed flat shoes and asked Dr Reid what could be done to prevent these common foot conditions.

Reid Explains, “Flats come in all different styles, all different types, all different construction. There are flats that are more flimsy than what we consider regular flats. You have to look at the shoe itself to determine if it’s the right shoe for you.

Regarding ingrown toenails, swapping out pointy toed shoes and replacing them with round or square toed flats not only relieves the pressure but also gives your toes the appropriate amount of room promoting healthy toenail growth all while preventing bones from being squeezed together.