I love Kitten Heels

Family Podiatry Center Dr. Marlene Reid in the Media

As a woman, a female podiatrist and the American Podiatric Medical Association’s expert on shoes, especially women’s shoes – I must say that I do NOT agree with the statements made  here in Yahoo this morning about Kitten Heels!  I think they are the perfect alternative to heels for women who want or need to feel dressed up.  The height is perfect and the usually skinny heel is not an issue with sidewalk cracks!  All women know what to avoid walking over when wearing skinny heals – especially in the city where there are all kinds of grate coverings.  I also do not agree that shoes cause bunions, even shoes that pitch the foot forward as stated in this article.  They can aggravate bunions, but its foot type that generally causes bunions.  I encourage patients to wear Kitten Heels every day in my practice due to their modest heel height!