Ensure hygienic pedicure at a salon

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What should you look for besides cleanliness in a salon when it comes to pedicures? Columnist Mark Platt quoted Dr. Marlene Reid in the “Beauty know it all section” in July’s 2005 InStyle Magazine Summer issue.

“The most important thing is to be observant,”

How can I ensure I get a hygienic pedicure at a salon
  • There shouldn’t be nail dust on the counter or the floor.
  • Tools should stay in the ultrasonic machine for more than a few minutes
  • The American Podiatric Medical Association suggests that you avoid shaving right before a treatment as bacteria can enter nicks in the skin.
  • Schedule your appointment early in the day, when the tubs are cleanest.
  • If you are getting a mani/pedi combo, make sure the technician uses fresh tools for each treatment.
  • An even safer bet is to bring your own full set of tools.
My toenails are discolored and have ridges.  How can I get them ready for the beach?

Toenails can become slightly yellowed from the residue of old polish, especially if you use dark colors without a base coat.

  • Gentle rubbing with a nail buffer should remove discoloration.
  • A light buffing can remove ridges. You can also disguise ridges by using a polish filler.
Which polishes last longest?

The live span of your mani or pedi depends less on barnd and color than it does on application.

  • Remove all oil and moisture, with acetone remover, from the nail bed before applying polish.
  • Stick to the old polish three-step: base, coat, bolish, top coat.
  • “Shimmery polishes tend to be more chip-resistant” says L.A. celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik.
  • Chips are harder to notice on pale shades.