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The Topaz Procedure at Family Podiatry Center

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Is heel pain preventing you from being as active as you want to be?  You may be one of the 40 million people that suffer from heel pain.  Most often, heel pain is the result of plantar fasciitis which often becomes chronic and doesn’t respond to standard treatments.   

The success rate we’ve found with Topaz is far greater than open heel surgery with none of the complications, says Dr. Marlene Reid who lectures on chronic heel pain nation wide. Family Podiatry Center in Naperville specializes in heel pain and has been using Topaz for several years.


The procedure takes as little as 20 minutes to perform and is non-invasive. This not only helps stimulate the areas where foot pain resides but also reduces the amount of time you spend off of your feet while healing.  The results are clearly life changing as seen in following video: