Larry Kosova, DPM, Achieves Master HyProCure® Surgeon Credential

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Surgeon with practice in Naperville, Illinois recognized for meeting the standards set by The Graham International Implant Institute in the use of the HyProCure® Internal, Extra-Osseous, Extra-Articular, TaloTarsal Fixation Device.

Graham International Implant Institute

PRLogJun. 7, 2012MACOMB, Mich.(MACOMB, MICHIGAN) – Dr. Larry Kosova of Advanced Ankle and Foot Care Center located in Naperville, IL has been awarded Master HyProCure®Surgeon status by The Graham International Implant Institute® (GIII), the training partner of GraMedica®, a global orthopedic medical device company. The Master Credential is the highest recognition level offered by GIII. This credential is awarded exclusively to those surgeons that have met strict guidelines utilizing the HyProCure®Internal, Extra-Osseous, Extra-Articular, TaloTarsal Stabilization device.

Graham International Implant InstituteHyProCure® is a lifetime solution to the devastating effects of partial talotarsal dislocation, a foot imbalance that throws the foot and the entire body out of alignment. It affects people of all ages and can be the direct cause of many symptoms and secondary conditions such as overpronation/hyperpronation, fallen arches, bunions, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), knee pain, hip pain, back pain and even problems in the neck and shoulders. HyProCure®is a permanent solution that corrects talotarsal displacement at its root, realigning both the foot and the entire body. The stent is inserted through a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure.HyProCure® has been used by foot surgeons since 2004.

GIII and GraMedica are honored to recognize Dr. Kosova and acknowledge him as a leader in offering the HyProCure solution to his patients.

Foot and ankle surgeons are invited to learn more about the HyProCure implant and procedure at, where they can also train online and/or find a live surgical training seminar in their area.

Potential surgical candidates can find out more about the HyProCure solution and the devastating effects of partial talotarsal dislocation at Find a local HyProCure specialist through the physician locator at

Learn more about HyProCure and osteo-WEDGE, GraMedica’s latest innovative Bone Locking System at; follow updates on

About GraMedica®:
GraMedica is a global orthopedic medical device company and leader in foot care solutions. Recognized for its innovation, the company is producer of breakthrough products like HyProCure and osteo-WEDGE.

About the Graham International Implant Institute®:
GIII, the training partner of GraMedica, is committed to research, training, certification and support on implantology for foot physicians worldwide.

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