IPMA Feet Forward Advanced Heel Pain Procedures — Part 1

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Do you experience pain in the heel of your foot when you  wake up and take those first few steps?  This could be an indicator that you have plantar fasciitis.  Heel pain is common for a lot of people, yet often goes untreated.  Why you ask?  The answer is simple and somewhat disturbing to hear as a podiatrist.

While many people suffer from common heel pain, an opinion has developed in our society that pain is, “Acceptable, something we all have, and/or experience.”  Taking the right steps immediately can stop the pain in it’s tracks and even reverse the effects while improving your


Common Symptoms:

Pulling, stress, tearing, and inflammation

Inflammation occurs as fluid settles in the heel when resting, when you first wake up and take those first steps, the fluid move away from the heel site causing pain.



Proper stretching of the achiles tendon and fascia.

Shoe should be worn all the time that are firm around the heal and supportive.  The key is stability..


Heel support devices such as a heel cup.


Surgery is not recommended in common cases of heel pain.


Also note:

Posterior Tibialis tendon pain, or “Arch Pain” is often a common misdiagnosis for heel pain.  As explained in the video above, the pain felt below the ankle that shoots a pain up the foot and has signs of inflamation.