Are these gonna hurt?

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Dr. Reid was asked about Prorsum wedge heels and what to look for when buying a new pair in an interview with Glamour Magazine for their June 2005 Issue.

Dr Marlene Reid Glamour Article June 2005
How severe is this angle?

While wedges look more stable than stilettos, you can tumble off high ones.  If you feel unstable when you walk, try something a bit lower.

Does the ankle strap dig in?

If should hit at a comfortable spot and secure tightly without cutting into your leg.

Is the sole flexible at the ball of the foot?

Flexibility is important; you should be able to bend your foot and have a normal, not clumping, walk.

Do your toes hang over?

As with any heel, a wedges height pushes your foot forward, and toe overhang can trip you up, especially when coupled with an inflexible sole.